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19 Jul 2016
Improved: CtrlS hotkey saves and exits when editting a queue Improved: ANY display had got broken some time back, fixed in c10 version. Zooming of ANYs still problematic and limited to a 255 character string representation
22 Dec 2012
Fixed: removed 64k limitation when copying to clipboard
20 Mar 2012
Fixed: archived queue structures were being truncated at first reference field. Improved: column autofit speed.
3 Jan 2012
Fixed: various minor bugs and display issues. New: limited 'functional display pictures' added - @s251 and @s252 have special meanings - see description of the picture dialog in Column menu.
5 Sep 2011
New: added QVModuleInfo. New: column autofit features added.
29 Aug 2011
Fixed: eliminated occasional lengthy pause when closing QView. Fixed: archiving of very large queues remains slow but now works reliably.
14 Aug 2011
Fixed: eliminated title bar and menu flicker in main window.
6 Aug 2011
Improved: queue edit in place. Changed: QView's icon.
5 Jun 2011
Fixed: final (?) changes to menu handling for c8.
21 May 2011
Improved: unnecessary control sub-classing removed. Installer for C8 available.
30 Apr 2011
Fixed: support for Clarion 8 required one minor change to menu handling. Installer not yet "c8 aware".
12 Apr 2011
Minor: vcr buttons added to some list controls. Changed: QView was loading (any available) zlib.dll for compression of archived queues. "pascal" calling convention was being assumed when some require "C". Use of zlib has been removed. If the lspzipx/lspuzipx libraries are available on the target machine they will be used instead (the libraries are not part of the QView distribution).
3 Apr 2011
Improved: column analyis features (i) len(clip(content)) for strings, (ii) size(content) for string references, (iii) records(content) for queue references.
10 Mar 2011
New: QView is now "late-binding". Shipping a qview dll with applications becomes optional and qview5.lib / qview6.lib etc have been removed from installs. This involved changes to the template and included code ( / qview12.clw).
6 Jan 2011
Fixed: incorrect queue entry sometimes displayed in 'zoom hex mode'.
5 Jan 2011
New: date fields default to @D017B, time fields default to @T04B.
4 Jan 2011
Improved: when available, zlib library is used to compress archived queues.
3 Jan 2011
New: main window "Exit" menu item. Changed: array window has status bar and jumps to queue entry in main window after navigation. Fixed: 'inherited' mouseright keycode was triggering context menu in main window. New: optional green bar effect in main window.
2 Jan 2011
Improved: queue load times on calls to QVEdit faster by a factor of 5-6 times. Improved: queue filtering speed.
31 Dec 2010
Improved: reduced (eliminated?) flicker on window opening. Improved: ANY queue entries now displayed.
27 Dec 2010
New: module information added to 'About' window. Improved: all libraries some 5% smaller.
15 Dec 2010
Improved: navigation buttons added to cell Zoom window.
14 Dec 2010
QView no longer dependant on external dynalib library. Local compiles in Clarion 7 now working OK.
12 Dec 2010
Clarion 7.3 now supported. New: cell "zoom" feature.
6 Dec 2010
Clarion 6.0 now supported. Improved: pop-up menu in main window and restore of window positions.
4 Dec 2010
New: "step locator" added to main window.
3 Dec 2010
Changed: secwin licensing removed. Changed: QVEdit prototype (filters now supported).
3 Sep 2010
Clarion 7.2 now supported. Installer update.
7 Jun 2010
Fixed: when displaying string references, null references were being handled badly. Improved: template-generated "select a queue" procedure more careful with null queue references. New: CtrlF/F3 search facility in main window. Changed: QVEdit / QVCapture and QVWatch prototypes.
24 May 2010
Clarion 7.1 now supported. string, cstring and pstring references now displayed as standard strings (limit of 255 characters). All installs updated.
17 Jan 2010
Column analysis added. All installs updated.
01 Jun 2009
SV release 6.3 build 9059 (no runtime changes). C6 install updated.
15 Apr 2009
Corrected template to ignore typed queues.
23 Mar 2009
Minor cosmetic changes to display features and templates.
7 Jan 2008
New: added QVAvailable().
20 Dec 2007
SV release 6.3 build 9058 (no runtime changes). C6 install updated.
1 Nov 2007
SV release 6.3 build 9057 (no runtime changes). C6 install updated.
26 Aug 2007
Fixed: resizing columns on header was triggering column sort.
6 May 2007
SV release 6.3 build 9056 (no runtime changes). Small change to template (new procedure QViewBuildGlobalQ). Help file, website and all install programs updated.
22 Apr 2007
Improved: handling of queue elements with no labels.
13 Dec 2006
SV release 6.3 build 9055 (no runtime changes). Help file, website, and 6.3 install program updated.
25 Nov 2006
Improved: Code generated by the Global hot-key template, some new global procedures involved make manual addition of queues tidier. Relevant help file section updated. 
13 Sep 2006
SV release 6.3 build 9054 (no runtime changes). Help file, website, and 6.3 install program updated.
11 Sep 2006
New: filters gain internal function Records('myqueueref') for use with referenced queues. Fixed: hotkey AltQ to view a referenced queue conflicted with the main window's menu. Improved: edit in place of reference variables works better but not really sorted yet.     
1 Sep 2006
New: more options when dumping queue to delimited file (checkbox dialog for fields to include is main one). 
3 July 2006
Work completed on v1.2 - first downloads available.